You can request a refund through our help center.

Acceptable refund requests must meet both criteria below:

  • Requests should be made within 7 days of payment.

  • The user has not used the service since the payment.

Once processed, a refund will be issued for partial amounts that deduct payment processing fees. If the user has requested a refund of a prepaid yearly contract, the refund amount will also deduct the amount of regular monthly subscription plan fees for the duration of service usage.


  • Refund request of an annual prepaid contract for Pro membership

    (* Assuming 3% is the processing fee.)
    (* Assuming the user has used 2 months of the service.)

    • Price of a prepaid annual payment: $431.88

      • Regular monthly price for Pro: $39.99

        • $48 cheaper than paying the regular price for 12 months

    • Processing fee: $12.96

    • Refund amount: $431.88 - $12.96 - ($39.99 * 2) = $338.94

Please refer to our Terms of Use for our policies.

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