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Difference between Speech Pace and Tempo
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On our editor, you might have come across the speech pace feature and tempo feature. Each button adjusts the speed of your character's lines, but in a different way.

They do sound pretty similar. The difference is this:

  • Adjusting the speech pace changes the speed of how they talk (more natural), like shorter pauses between words or speed of vowel pronunciations.

    • This feature is currently not available for English-only characters πŸ˜“

    • This feature is available for Korean characters who can speak English.

      • Junsang, Yeonwoo, Sunggyu, Yoonsung, Dongwoo, Younggil, Yongho

  • Adjusting the tempo changes the speed of how the recording is played, like a fast-forward button for cassette tape players (more speed controls).

    • This feature is available for all characters 😁

You can mix & match to find the perfect speed for your character!

Enjoy typecasting πŸ˜‰

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