"Which character should I use for my audiobook?"

"Any recommendation for making a phone review on Youtube?"

Many of our users ask us these questions on a daily basis, and it's perfectly understandable since we know the most about our characters! But it takes some times to answer all these inquiries.

Which is why we have the Character Filter system!

Let's say you are currently on our editor.



On this pop-up, you can:

  • Switch your character by clicking the parallel arrows button

  • Add more characters by clicking the Add actor button

  • Or delete the selected character by clicking the trash bin button.

Let's try switching to another character, by clicking the arrows button.

Then you'll see a character list screen like this one if you are on a computer.

The filters are on the left, which filters the character list based on the filters you select.

On mobile, you can open the filters by clicking the gray Actor filter settings button.

Let me open the settings.


There are 6 big filter categories.

Let's see what filter options are available. All of them.

That's a lot of filters. Phew.

Okay. So now I want to get some recommendations for [a middle-aged male character suitable for audiobooks]!

Let's go check the character list again. On PC, filter options change the character list real-time, but on mobile phones, press the < button on the upper left hand corner to go back to the character list.

We got four characters! Narrowed down to four characters, from more than a hundred! Now I can choose more easily.

You can watch all these in this tutorial video! Character filters come around at 00:12, so this video link below is set to start at 12 seconds in. Enjoy typecasting! 😉

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