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Personal Information Collection & Usage Agreement
Personal Information Collection & Usage Agreement
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1. Purpose of Collecting & Using Personal Information

The Company handles personal information for the following purposes only. It does not use such information for any purpose other than the following.

  • Verification of users’ intention to subscribe to services, the provision of services for users and resultant verification and authentication of their identity, maintenance and management of members’ qualification, prevention of illegal uses of services, payments, settlement, supply and delivery of goods or services, demographic analysis, analyses of visits to service sites and user logs, formation of relationships between users (based on their personal information and interests), new service development and existing service improvement (including the provision of tailor-made services based on users’ acquaintances and interests), use of marketing and ads, handling of users’ complaints (verification of the identity of users filing complaints, verification of complaints, contacting and notifying users for factual surveys, notification, and notification of survey results), prevention of misuse and illegal activities

2. Personal Information Items to Be Collected

A. The Company collects the following personal information items:

  • I. Mandatory items: Date of birth, e-mail, password, name, phone number, country of residence, service user logs, access logs, cookies, access IP information, payment records, name of user’s legal representative, legal representative’s e-mail, legal representative’s telephone number, Google account information via Google sign-up/sign-in (personal open information about Google user information such as name, access information to Google services such as app, browser or device, and activity logs), various forms of media (including audio clips, photos, and video clips) submitted voluntarily by users for various purposes such as help requests, social media channel in use, category of contents, subcategory of contents, content of generated projects

  • II. Optional items: Occupation

3. Period of Handling and Retaining Personal Information

A. The Company shall handle and retain personal information for a certain period. The Company obtains consent from users in collecting and using their personal information or under statutes.

B. The detailed periods of handling and retaining personal information are as follows:

  • User subscription and management: Until the termination of a service user agreement or a user agreement, until fulfilling the purpose of preventing confusion in the use of services and illegal use of services (abnormal use of services, such as illicit subscription), including resolution of complaints and disputes, and until the settlement of remaining claims and obligations

  • Records on contracts, withdrawal of offers, payments, and goods purchased on electronic commercial transactions: five (5) years; Records on customers’ complaints or dispute- resolution: three (3) years; Records on indication and advertisements: six (6) months

* Applicants and/or their legal guardians can disagree on the aforementioned terms, but doing so may prohibit the registration process.

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