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Does your audio file sound broken?
Does your audio file sound broken?

Some tips & information about our audio formats and editing.

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Do you hear pops and noises from your edited video or audio?

If you don't hear those from the original downloads, it's highly likely that the volume of all audio clips used for editing that video or audio has exceeded the limit, which results in a phenomenon called audio clipping. You can check if your audio is clipping by looking for a red alert above or next to the volume bar in your editing software. One simple solution for this issue is lowering your volume - just enough to avoid clipping. You could also tweak right-left balances for simultaneous tracks or use plugins like a Limiter to easily set an unsurpassable volume limit. This art of balancing audio tracks is known as mixing, and there's so much to learn...but for now, this should be enough!

All kinds of weird things can happen if you use our audio files for settings that require different formats.

Our .wav files are:

  • .wav Normal - 16kHz | 16 bit

  • .wav HD - 44.1kHz | 16 bit

Our .mp3 files are:

  • .mp3 Normal - CBR 64K

  • .mp3 HD - CBR 320K

If your video or audio projects are set for different bit rates or encodings, please try audio converting programs to change the settings of the downloaded files. You can always check your project's audio settings in your program's preferences or settings menu.

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