Two of the most prominent features we offer are emotions and tones. The screenshot below shows characters that were recently updated, and more than half of them have purple tags that indicate their character types.

Search result of English characters in typecast

Let's start with characters that have different tones. I used search filters for English and Tone Expression - Available, and got these 8 characters as a result.

These characters are great for contents that mainly feature calm narration. Characters with high tone options can create upbeat contents, and characters with low tone options can create more serious contents. Glenda has both, as shown below.

Let's look at characters with emotional expressions.

These seven characters speak English and have various emotional expressions, such as happy, sad, or angry. Let's look at our lovely friend Doughnut do an impression of a famous governor of California:

Characters with emotional expressions are great for more dynamic contents that feature dialogues or dramatic monologues.

Does this mean characters with tones & emotions are better than the ones without?


Some characters specialize in a very specific type of speech delivery, such as news broadcasting or really low voicing for epic contents like movie trailers. These characters cannot use different tones or emotions since they have a specific purpose they excel at.

All characters are equally great! Give them a chance 😄

Here's a Youtube clip about our emotions!

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