Audio download
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Selecting the audio download option will produce an audio file from the script.

  1. File name
    File names follow the project title by default, but they can be changed.

  2. Download range
    - All sentences: Download all sentences in the project

    - Selected sentences: Download only the selected sentences

  3. File integration
    - Integrated download: This option integrates all the content into a single file.

    - Download all files by sentence: This option downloads each sentence into separate files.

  4. File type

    Choose the file type of the downloaded audio

    - mp3

    - wav

  5. Audio quality
    - Low (8kHz)

    - Normal (16kHz)

    - High (44.1kHz)


▪ The download history page stores previously downloaded files that can be downloaded again without credit deduction. (Limited to paid members)
▪ The supported audio quality may differ per plan.

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