Video download
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  • How to download:

    1. Click the [Download > Video File] button.

    2. Clicking the [Video File] button will give you a preview of the video to download.

    3. When you're done viewing the video, click the Download [button] in the top right corner.

  • About downloads

    1. Estimated download time deduction : Describes the estimated download time

      *The estimated download time deduction can differ from the actual amount deducted from the resulting file download.
      *If you used a virtual human character, additional virtual human hours will be deducted.

    2. File type
      - mp4

    3. Video resolution (px)
      - SD (854 X 480)
      - HD (1280 X 720)
      - FHD (1920 X 1080)


▪ The supported video resolution may differ per plan.

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