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set up the inserted video files(Video Asset)
set up the inserted video files(Video Asset)
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Video Asset allows you to edit and set up the inserted video files.

* Only one video file can be inserted per project.

* Only MP4 files can be uploaded.

* There may be a timing difference between the audio preview and the video preview. Please check the exact timing in the video preview to reduce errors.

  • Video Asset Features

    You can view the inserted clip along with the created script in the order of playback time in the Video Asset below.
    ①Total script timeline
    ②Sentence-by-sentence script timeline
    ③Inserted clip timeline

  • Editing an Uploaded Video
    Click the inserted clip file to see the editing features.

  • Click [Move clip] to set the start time for the video.

    1. Enter the video offset in minutes/seconds and click [Apply].

    2. You will notice that the inserted clip is positioned to start at the time set in the Video Asset.

  • Click [Trim] to insert only the desired part of the clip.

    1. Review the edit preview and time, adjust the lower edit slider, and click [Apply].

    2. You will notice that the duration of the inserted clip has changed in the Video Asset.

  • To adjust the volume, click the [Adjust volume] button.
    You can adjust the volume by entering the desired volume level in numbers or by moving the slider.

  • Click the [Clip style] button to adjust the size of the inserted clip background.

  • Click [Remove] to delete the inserted clip.

  • Setting the Slide Transition Effects
    You can set the slide transition effects for each slide.

    1. Click the [+] button.

    2. Select the slide transition effect you want to set, and then click [Apply].

    3. You can see where the transition effects have been applied in the Video Asset.

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