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Terms of Use for TypeCast Service

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to set forth the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of Neosapience, Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) and service users, and any necessary matters in connection with the Web Program, which is made available by the Company on websites and other services incidental thereto (hereinafter “Services”).

Article 2 Check and Consent to Service Provision

  1. The users’ thorough review of this service provision after their own consideration and clicking of the “Consent” button (or actual use of TypeCast Application) means that users have understood and accepted this service provision, including the Personal Information Handling Policy and other regulations proposed by the Company (hereinafter “Terms of Use”), in consultation with the Company. Users (in case of minors with their legal representatives) shall thoroughly read and sufficiently understand each provision of these Terms of Use. In particular, as these Terms of Use include an indemnification clause that relieves and limits the Company’s liability and limitations on users’ rights, users shall discreetly choose whether to agree to these Terms of Use.)

  2. The ownership of the voice data is rented to the user during the subscription period and will lose the ownership of the data at the end of the subscription period. If the user wishes to own the voice data in perpetuity, then the user shall pay the ownership fee accordingly to its purpose and usage.

  3. If users have an objection to any provision of these Terms of Use, they may neither install nor use Services. By subscribing to, logging in to, and using the Services, users are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use and agreed to use the Services in the manner prescribed.

  4. The Company shall irregularly amend these Terms of Use and inform users of the amended Terms of Use via an announcement in order to provide better Services for users. If users do not accept the amended Terms of Use, they shall cease using the Services. However, if users continue to use the Services, they shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms of Use. In addition, users may contact the Company in the announced method and cancel their account.

Article 3 Subscription to and Use of Services

  1. The Company makes all kinds of services available to users on the Internet through its own operating system..

  2. Considering the characteristics of the Services, users shall agree to conduct the following:

    1. Providing true, detailed, and accurate personal information in time and carry out real name authentication, according to the legal statutes and service requirements

    2. Updating accurate personal information in time and ensuring that the provided personal information is true and accurate

  3. User Qualification

    1. Users certify that when they begin to use the Services, they have the capacity for civil conduct, equivalent to their conduct as defined under relevant laws

    2. If a user is a minor who is less than fourteen (14) years of age, he/she must obtain his/her guardian’s prior consent. If a minor acquires membership for the Services through the guardian's consent, the newly created account must be supervised and managed to comply with our terms, and he/she and his/her guardian shall be liable for the results of the foregoing under statutory provisions.

  4. Subscription to User Account

    1. After users have entered their information on the subscription page, agreed to these Terms of Use after reading this, and completed the entire subscription procedure, they shall acquire user accounts. Users will be able to log in to the Services with an ID or email address (“Account ID”) that they set up or verify and password they set up. (The Account ID and password are collectively referred to as the “User Account.”)

  5. User Account Security and Management

    1. Users are especially informed that they must comply with relevant statutes and bear the corresponding legal liability in using the Company’s software, products, and services. The users shall protect national interests and safety.

    2. Users shall set up and keep the User Account to themselves, and in no event shall the Company voluntarily request users to provide their Account ID and password. Therefore, users shall keep their User Accounts very well, log out whenever they complete their use of the Internet, and, at the same time, complete the use of the Services in accordance with an accurate procedure.

    3. If a user requests the Company to temporarily suspend the log-in and use of the User Account by voluntarily giving notification to the Company, then the Company shall demand that such a user provide his/her valid personal information that is the same as the information used when subscribing to the Services. The Company shall also proceed with checking such information. Otherwise, the Company has the right to refuse such a user’s request as above. If the Company has verified that the information provided by such a user is the same as the information provided at the time of subscription to the Services, then the Company shall take prompt action and temporarily suspend the log-in and use of the User Account.

    4. A user shall bear any losses and consequences that occur as a result of his/her voluntary leakage of the User Account or of others’ acts, such as attack and fraud. The Company shall be not liable for such loss and consequences, and such a user shall demand that any party committing unlawful acts make reparation through legal and administrative remedies.

    5. Only users shall be allowed to use the User Accounts and, unless separately stipulated herein, shall neither lend, give away, rent, nor make a transfer or sale of without complying with the prescribed procedures nor share the User Accounts with others. The acts committed through the User Accounts (including but not limited to the execution of all kinds of agreements online, presentations, goods and services purchases, and information disclosures) shall be deemed to have been committed by the users themselves. Therefore, the users shall be liable for all acts that have been committed through the User Accounts and the consequences of the acts. If the User Account has been used without being authorized, then users shall prevent further losses and severe consequences by immediately notifying the Company. If the Company determines that the use of the User Account poses a danger to the security of the User Account and/or data on the Services, then the Company may refuse to render corresponding services or terminate these Terms of Use.

    6. Users may transfer the User Account only in the presence of a clear legal provision, a court’s decision, or the Company’s consent and in compliance with the procedure for transferring the User Account as stipulated in the Service Rules. The transfer of the User Account shall entail the transfer of rights and obligations conferred on the User Account. Except for the foregoing case, in no way shall the User Account be transferred. Users shall bear all liability arising out of the unpermitted transfer of the User Accounts.

    7. If a user has not logged on to the User Account for six (6) consecutive months, then the Company has the right to take actions to clear the Account, including cancellation, recovery, replacement, or deletion of all records on the User Account (including but not limited to information required for subscription and information on virtual futures) in the database. As a result of this, the User Account might be incapable of logging in to any service rendered by the Company, and existing information will likely be prohibited from being used or deleted. The Company shall inform users of the User Account clearance by methods, including but not limited to pop-up messages, announcements or messages within websites, and information in push alerts for clients, prior to the conduct of such clearance.

  6. Cancellation of User Account

    1. Users may contact the Company via methods and information announced at the Services, and they may take actions, such as cancelling the User Account or filing reports or accusations.

  7. The Company may modify, change, or terminate parts or whole of the service if significant needs arise for improving or operating the service. Upon requests from or termination of contracts with the original owner of voices, or due to legal bindings, such voices may be changed, replaced or limited within the service.

Article 4 Rules on Use of Services

  1. Users shall not upload, download, dispatch, or distribute sensitive information and information that violates any national law, including but not limited to the following information, with the technologies or services provided by the Company:

    1. Information that contradicts basic principles established by the Constitution

    2. Information that does harm to national security, leaks national secrets, overthrows a political regime, threatens national unity, and harms national reputation and interests

    3. Information that disrupts social order and threatens social stability

    4. Information that disseminates obscene, sensational, gambling, violent, murderous and fearsome content, incites crimes, infringes on others’ privacy, insults, criticizes or defame others, and infringes on others’ legal rights and interests

    5. Contents that are associated with criminal activities

    6. Works that are not created by the users themselves and thus might cause copyright disputes

    7. Information which includes other content prohibited by laws and administrative statutes, including illicit information as defined in Article 44 (7) of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.

    8. Any material that violates these terms or applicable laws

  2. Users shall not engage in the following acts through the Services provided by the Company:

    1. Users shall not use the Services for any illegal purposes: in detail, impersonating others or an organization, carrying a deceptive scheme, such as pretending to have a relationship with any person or entity, stealing money or other goods through such a scheme (including the setup of the Account that does not match facts or is linked to other users’ Accounts), malignantly using the Account in order to cause other users’ confusion, and uploading/disclosing harassing, disruptive, abusive, intimidating, vulgar, obscene, or any other illegal or malignant information.

    2. Users shall not upload, disclose, or transmit by e-mail or other methods the content that they have no right to transmit (for example, internal and confidential materials, others’ rights, such as their patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, personal information, and other information).

    3. Users shall not engage in any illegal acts, acts, or transactions which violate statutes or hamper public order or fine customs or anything that might lead to any of the foregoing (whether anything might lead to any of the foregoing shall be determined by the Company): in detail, engaging in passing on criminal methods, sales of illicit drugs, multilevel sales, money laundering, fraud or engaging in gambling, or inducing others to participate in gambling activities by providing gambling data or other methods.

    4. Users shall not engage in any act that infringes on the Company’s legal rights and interests, including but not limited to using the Company’s intellectual property rights without being authorized (including the Company’s exclusive data, such as trademarks and logos or the composition or design of its website), imitating the appearance and features of the Services, linking to the Services by using any automated program, software, engine, web crawlers, web page analytics, and data mining tools or similar tools, collecting or handling the content provided by the Service, reverse filing, reverse compiling or reverse engineering the software used by the Services, and avoiding (or attempting to avoid) any secure features of the Services, systems, or other users’ systems.

    5. Users shall not violate copyrights of, or any other rights for, external parties and/or individuals

    6. Users shall not engage in acts that have a negative impact on the normal operation of the Internet through the Services: for example, intentionally spreading data (including viruses, network worms, Trojan Horse Virus, already destroyed files or other malignant codes or items) that hinders, destroys, or limits computer software, hardware, or communication equipment features, services, servers, and networks connected to services.

    7. Users shall not set up several Accounts for fraudulent or abusive purposes or maliciously upload large and overlapping or invalid quantities of data and information. Video or audio recording of preview clips is strictly forbidden. Any activities that are not permitted by the user’s current subscription plan are strictly prohibited as such action violates our service’s terms and copyrights.

    8. Users shall not proceed with acts that affect the fairness of the Services or the normal operation or order of other applications.

    9. Users shall not illegally use or take out stationary, trademarks, and covers which bear the Company’s brands by any channel or media in the course of cooperating with the Company or joint manufacturing with the Company.

    10. Users shall not violate norms with legal effects, such as other laws, statutes, regulations, and ordinances.

  3. Vesting of Rights

    1. The Company owns copyrights, which include, but are not limited to, rights over authorship, distribution, public transmission, and adaptation, of contents provided by the Company, as well as all rights that include, but are not limited to, intellectual properties and ownership. The Company may change or terminate any contents provided by the Company, including audio contents, under conditions that require the Company to act so.

    2. Ownership of audio files generated by the user, or contents modified by the user, belongs to users. However, users agree to grant the Company royalty-free license (without limitations on time and location) to use all kinds of content (including voices, video clips, and photos, hereinafter meaning the same), including the right to copy, reproduce, revise, transmit by air, display, and create derivative copyrighted works of such content by uploading, posting, and transmitting such content on or to the Services.

    3. The Company may use all kinds of content uploaded, posted, or transmitted by users for the following purposes: display such content within the Services, promote, operate, or improve the Services, conduct research on new service development, comply with its legal obligations, such as web accessibility, and allow for search, collection, and links on external websites.

    4. Users may use all kinds of content provided by the Company via the Services for the Company’s intended purpose, to the extent and by the method(s) permitted by the Company. Users may not store, reproduce, correct, transmit by air, display, distribute, or create derivative works of such content at their discretion for any other purposes and by any other methods, and they may not exceed the permitted extent as to the use of such content. If users infringe on the Company’s or any third party’s rights in violation of the foregoing clause, then users shall bear legal liability, including compensating for damage.

    5. Commercial rights of contents provided by the Company exclusively belong to the Company. Users require signed paper contracts with the Company if they wish to commercially utilize contents provided by the Company.

    6. Users must act according to the conditions of free services provided by the Company, which include previews, with their use of such services, by adhering to the predetermined conditions of purposes, areas, and methods for free service use. Users are strictly prohibited from using such free services for indirect and/or direct commercial purposes for the users or external parties or individuals.

Article 5 Usage fee, Cancelling, Refund, and Changes

  1. Usage fee

    1. Payment cycle : Monthly service charges and any other monthly charges incurred in connection with the use of the service (e.g. taxes, transaction fees, etc.) will be charged monthly to the payment method registered on the date corresponding to the start date of the paid service. Yearly prepaid contract memberships will charge one year's worth of services charges and other aforementioned charges in advance. Your billing date may change in some cases, such as when your registered payment method doesn't process properly or when your paid membership begins on a date that doesn't exist in a particular month. You can check your payment date on your My plan page.

    2. Payment method : To use Typecast’s paid service, please go to My plan page and pay for your paid membership of choice. The member's payment method can be updated by using the information provided by the corresponding payment service provider. By updating the payment information, you are allowing the service to proceed invoicing with your updated information. If the payment is declined, the service will continue to bill through the registered payment method. The user is responsible for the unpaid amount. The service may be temporarily limited in cases of expired validation date, inefficient balance or any other reason that may cause error in payment. In some cases, depending on the payment method and company, there could be excessive fees such as foreign exchange fee or payment process fee depending on the user’s location and environment. Local tax will vary depending on the payment method. Please see the payment providers terms and policy for detailed information.

    3. Usage fee and change in service : Pricing and contents may change, but all notifications will be sent to all users via email 30 days prior to the actual change date.

  2. Unsubscribing

    1. Users can unsubscribe Typecast service at any time. In such cancelation, the user can continue to use the service until the expiration date. To cancel the subscription, please go to My plan page and follow the instructions unsubscribing. When unsubscribed, the service from the paid membership will stop after the last day of the terminated membership.

  3. Refund & cancellation policy

    1. Partial amounts, which deduct payment processing fees and the amount of membership fees for the duration of the prepaid yearly contract service usage if the user signed up for any prepaid yearly contract, can be refunded upon help center request messages to refund or cancel payment within 7 days of payment. Refund is not acceptable after 7 days, in which case the membership will continue until the end of the paid duration. It is also impossible to refund the monthly payment if the user used the service after the payment.

  4. Change in subscription plan

    1. The user is allowed to change monthly subscription plans at any time. The subscription plan and cycle will be updated by its latest changed date. In cases when the user upgrades the plan, the use of downloadable time will be extended further to its next cycle. However, in cases of degrading the subscription plan, the cycle will be in effect starting from the next billing date. - Example) On September 10th, a user subscribed to an 1-hour download plan. On September 20th, the user used 30 minutes of download time (30 minutes left for download). On September 25th, the user upgraded the subscription plan to 4-hour download plan, which left the user with 4 hours and 30 minutes of download time until October 25th.

    2. The user cannot downgrade the yearly prepaid contract membership while the membership is in effect. When upgrading the yearly prepaid contract membership, the remaining duration of the previous membership will be refunded, and the new higher yearly prepaid contract membership will be charged.

Article 6 Limitation of Liability

  1. The Company shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, and consequential damage, which includes damage caused by the inadequate use of the Company’s software, products, and services, illegal use of the Company’s Services or goods or services purchased on relevant websites, or users’ failure to update their information that is entered or transmitted by themselves.

  2. If the Company or any third party suffers any damage due to users’ forgoing acts under Paragraph 1 above, then the users shall indemnify the Company for such damage under relevant laws. The Company may protect its rights by using users’ information on its own or in cooperation with judicial institutions or other organizations (or through judicial procedures).

Article 7 Liability

  1. Due to the characteristics of online services (including but not limited to security of servers, existence of acts, such as malignant cyber terrors, and other circumstances beyond the Company’s control), the Services provided by the Company may be suspended or delayed. Other circumstances may also arise where users’ needs are not satisfied. Under these circumstances, the Company shall not be deemed to violate these Terms of Use and bear liability arising out of such force majeure event. However, the Company shall notify affected users as much as it can via announcements on its website, system notifications, notes, message alerts, or other reasonable methods.

  2. A user agrees to guarantee and keep the interests of the Company and other users. A user agrees that if its use of the Services is illegal, untrue, or inappropriate, infringes on any third party’s legal rights and interests, or is in violation of any provision hereunder and thus causes any loss (or damage) to the Company or any other third parties, such a user shall be liable to compensate for such damage.

  3. If a third party claims certain rights against the Company and/or affiliated companies due to a user’s act, then the Company and/or affiliated companies may perform an obligation to indemnify such a third party for monetary damage as well as others, and then demand that such a user compensate for all losses (such damage).

  4. The Company shall perform obligations under relevant statutes. However, the Company shall not be liable for any damage suffered by users due to the maintenance and repair of information network equipment, connection failures, computer communication or other systems’ breakdowns, data breach activities, computer viruses, power outages, labor strikes, riots, fires, bloods, storms, explosions, wars, government acts, judicial/administrative agencies’ orders, or any third party’s causes.

  5. If the Company discovers or becomes aware, through any third party’s accusation or report, that a user engages in or is alleged to engage in an act that violates laws, regulations, or regulatory provisions of the Services (including but not limited to the rules specified in these Terms of Use) in the course of using the Services, then the Company, in its reasonable judgment, has the right to (i) immediately take all necessary actions (including but not limited to account freezing and blocking, blocking live broadcasting power, or filing reports to investigative agencies, such as police stations) without notifying such a user, or (ii) reduce or eliminate the consequences of such a user’s act by complying with law enforcement requests of national institutions, such as police, prosecution, or courts, and taking corresponding actions regarding the related Account. The property within such a user’s Account that is blocked shall not be returned.

Article 8 Notices and Service (delivery)

  1. Users agree that the Company shall deliver all kinds of notices to users by the following reasonable methods:

    1. Announcements, the Company’s rules, and consultation between the Company and users

    2. Messages on websites, pop-up messages and others.

    3. E-mail, cell-phone messages, or letters, which are contact methods that users inform the Company of.

  2. The Company shall send users a notice in the above described manner. When a notice is sent, it shall be deemed to have been delivered. Written notice sent to the given contact address by post shall be deemed to have been delivered on the fifth day after being sent.

Article 9 Membership Withdrawal and Disqualification

  1. A user can request to withdraw from membership any time. The Company then proceeds with membership termination processes to erase the user’s membership registration.

  2. If a user requests for membership withdrawal in the middle of paid service period, the user is responsible for resulting service revocation or damages from the result and process of membership termination.

  3. If a user’s use of the Company’s service violates the terms of service or related legal statutes, the Company has the right to terminate the user’s membership, discontinue the contract, or limit the user’s access and use of the service either temporarily or permanently.

Article 10 Miscellaneous

  1. Considering the characteristics of the content of the Services provided to users, the Company shall demand that such users comply with specified terms and provisions when subscribing to related services that the Company provides. If such specified terms and provisions do not match these Terms of Use, such specified terms and provisions shall prevail.

  2. Even though any provision hereunder becomes fully or partially invalid or unenforceable due to any cause, the other remaining provisions shall still remain valid and binding.

  3. The Website and users shall, first of all, hold mutual negotiations and resolve any problem arising from the enforcement of any provision hereunder.

  4. If a user violates these Terms of Use, the Company shall take all necessary actions, including but not limited to blocking the Account and confiscating funds on the Account.

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