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I would like to add more time. (Basic, Pro)
I would like to add more time. (Basic, Pro)
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If you have used all the download time provided monthly, you have to wait until the next cycle.

If you would like to immediately add to the download time, please upgrade to a higher plan. If you are upgrading while you are using a lower plan, the plan can be switched but the billing dates will remain the same. Click on the [Plan change] button on the top right corner of the homepage to change the plan.

[Example] When upgrading to the Pro plan within the subscription period of the Basic plan which renews every month on the 28th
• July 28th:
$8.99 Basic Plan automatic payment (Subscription period: July 28-August 27)
• August 10th:
$31.00 Pro Plan upgrade (Additional download time will be immediately provided, with the same subscription period (July 28th to August 27th), Even if you upgrade during the subscription period, the period does not change.
• August 28:
$39.99 Pro Plan automatic payment


▪ You cannot make a duplicate payment for the same plan.

▪ Changing from the monthly subscription to annual subscription does not provide extra download time.

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